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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
a great little cocker spaniel we're going to introduce you to. look at the temperatures going to break. we were in the low 70s two days ago. now we have temperatures in the upper 30s in places like gaitersburg. we have warmer readings in the seven-day forecast which i'll have for you after the break. >>> it has been called the most spectacular broadway style musical production in the mid- atlantic region. i am talking about evangel cathedral's 2012 christmas celebration. channel 9 is a sponsor w. me is one of the performers. i'm delighted to introduce her. how are you? >> i am well. how about yourself? >> i'm fine. you're excited about the production. >> super excited. it's legends that are on the the show and such great acting. i'm super nervous too. i get nervous every night. they tell me it's been happening for 22 years, two years younger than me so they've been on a roll. >> there are live animals. the comes assumes are -- the costumes are fantastic. the production value is amazing. people come from all over to get tickets to this production. i to give everyone the phone number. the on
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
. take a look. female cocker spaniel found tied to pole in downtown santa cruz. she had an infected wound on the under side and vets couldn't heal it. they had to put her down. shelter manager says not providing veterinary care to suffering animal is illegal. >> that's a shame. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast and a little rough weather tonight. >> it's getting quite cold out there. sandy is here. >> we are inching towards winter and certainly already feeling like it winter arrives this coming friday. live doppler showing you that it is clear across the bear except for few clouds down toward the bay and inform rain right now but our topler on mount saint helena combined with national weather service watching for the next storm and of course trying to track it well ahead of the next storm so that we can warn new advance. here's a look at the sierra nevada. you can see that the snow is starting to pick up again in this sierra nevada across enter nature 80 and 50 so i do want to tell you that there's a winter weather advisory for the lake tahoe area that has been
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Dec 3, 2012 8:00pm EST
fienberg, always a pleasure thank you very much. from the dogged ken to well dogs. is that a cocker spaniel in your cubical or is dr. john o'hurley just happy you brought the pooch in. man is better off when man's best friend goes to work with man. and man oh, man. we're the ones that end up getting stuck in the rough. >> if republicans would like to go beyond these reforms, and do it differently, they should tell us how they' to do it. >> i looked at him, i said you can't be serious. >> why does that make sense. >> president and white house have three weeks, and this is the best we got? neil: someone, someone needs to feel the love. because right now, all i am seeing is they continue to go for the jugular. maybe they should just chew on some dinner together. friendly like. to relationship expert dr. wendy walsh who said we could do worse. judging by hapless arguing we are. doctor a very good point. i believe you go outdo dinner, in most cases after a while you relax, and cooler heads or more drunken ones prevail, which i prefer, but what do you see happening or not. >> i like to seiz to --
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
for us. we wound down to get it. it was a cocker spaniel dog in a crate sent all the way from texas, black-and-white spotted and her little girl tricia 6-year-old girl named him checkers. the kids love the dog and i want to say this right now there is this charlton heston among us all a regardless of what they say about it. that is of course the central thing that nixon talks about and what gets the name for the speech itself. nixon was very knowingly taking a line from fdr's famous speech and nixon thought it would be great to kind of like make the democrats mad by taking their great leaders onwards and flipping them around to defend himself in what nixon is doing throughout the speech is very clearly that he is divorcing the populist tradition which is rooted in the struggle in the late 19th century among small farmers, and trying to channel their hatred of banks and especially real estate people, who are kind of keeping the small guy down, keeping the small farmer in the state of being impressed -- oppressed. nixon has just been discovered he is getting money from real estate int
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)